About the UKBRA

About the UKBRA and its objectives

United Kingdom Benchrest Association

In the UK, benchrest shooting at 100/600/1000 yards is governed by the United Kingdom Benchrest Association (UKBRA). The United Kingdom Association of Rimfire Benchrest Shooting covers 22RF benchrest in the UK and this Association is also affliliated to the UKBRA.

The objectives of the UKBRA are:

The development and encouragement of extreme accuracy in Benchrest Shooting; including rifles, ammunition, equipment and shooting methods/styles/practices.

To develop and encourage individuals and organisations in the promotion of Bench Rest Shooting.

To “manage” and regulate ALL Benchrest Shooting in the United Kingdom for the overall benefit of the membership.

Benchrest Shooting is deemed to include:

  • Centrefire rifles
  • Rimfire rifles
  • Air rifles

To represent the United Kingdom, and its shooters, on European and World governing bodies and organisations.

To gather and disseminate to the members pertinent statistic and technical data.


Where we shoot

Benchrest can be shot at any distance. In the UK, we shoot 100, 600 and 1000 yards. Our centrefire shoots are centred around the fabulous Diggle Range complex in the north west of England and we have covered firing-points with concrete benches at all these distances. We are indebted to the PSSA, managers of Diggle Ranges for the use of their facilities.

The British Benchrest Club www.benchrest.co.uk organises shoots at 100 and 200 yards at Bisley Camp in Surrey and is affilated to the UKBRA.

The UKBRA is affiliated to the National Rifle Association of Great Britain and is a member of the World Benchrest Shooting Federation and the European Benchrest Shooting Federation.

The UKBRA sends a team to the World and European Championships for 100 & 200 yard shooting, which take place every 2 years in alternate succession (2013 World Championships, 2014 European Championships etc)

Join ther UKBRA

A years membership of the UKBRA costs just £10.00. But - we don't do newsletters, membership cards, badges, T shirts or social events.

We shoot benchrest - pure and simple.

We believe in putting our efforts into benchrest competition and keeping the costs as low as possible for members. If you would like to join you will be very welcome - just turn up at any of our shoots. At Diggle Ranges, you can turn up at any time on the day of the shoot if you just want to have a look at benchrest shooting. If you would like to shoot with us, you need to be there by 10.00am for our 100 yard shoots (put the postcode OL3 5LB into www.streetmap.co.uk or www.multimap.co.uk and you can print off a location map).

If your interest is benchrest shooting at longer ranges - 600 or 1000 yards - again you are welcome to come along to Diggle Ranges for a look but if you would like to shoot, you need to be there by 9.00am for 1000 yard shoots and 10.00am for 600 yard shoots. Bring your rifle and about 50 rounds of ammunition. Bags and rests can usually be borrowed.